Our expertise

EURALIA’s strength: building and implementing lobbying strategies on the basis of our clients’ core needs.

Helping you to understand and to anticipate issues affecting your business

We monitor and analyse the political and regulatory landscape related to your interests.

We inform you on all the latest institutional developments which may affect your business.

We anticipate political changes as opportunities for you to be heard.

Advising you on strategic positioning

We help you to build global lobbying strategies using innovative tools.

We make sure that your – often complex – issues are well understood by policy makers and stakeholders.

Strengthening your influence

We never stop innovating and we combine our expertise in order to catch the attention of decision-makers in Paris and Brussels.

We use innovative communication and digital tools for our lobbying strategies.

Helping you to organise your influence

We provide support in raising awareness on public affairs and lobbying strategies amongst your team.

We support the creation, the hosting and the management of professional associations and federations aiming at representing collective interests to weight into the public debate.

Financial support from European funds and project management

We identify European funding opportunities for your company and your projects.

We identify any necessary partners for the projects.

We advise and assist you in the application process.